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  • CF2 Rotary Table for CNC

CF2 Rotary Table for CNC

Overview & Features

  • DRC(Daedong Rotary Table for CNC) is a motion control unit using servo system. With the Zero-Backlash Cam Technology based control, the unit provides high-quality and reliability. A motion control device using servo system is a key to the performance of automated system equipment.
    Although the specifications and performance of the device are good for ideal movements, problems of the driving control part, such as backlash, poor hardness, and instable control, cause abnormal operation of the output part and impede ideal performance.
    DRC is a motion control unit not only to obtain strong torque, hardness, and stability in the way of reducing the speed of a servo motor mechanically, but to get zero-backlash output operation with the use of a preload device.
  • Simple basic structure
    This motion control unit consists of Cam and Cam Follower and uses a servo motor.
    High speed
    The stylish cam curve, precision-processed cam and cam follower, and complete removal of backlash make possible fast operation
    High precision
    Fast correction time and precise location control; a small change in operating speed and a response to precise synchronization; there is almost no need of maintenance so that it is possible to save the life cycle cost of an automated system.
    Zero backlash
    In the roller gear cam of input shaft, Taper Rib is preloaded and contacts cam follower to remove backlash completely.