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DRC Rotary Table Research Activity

  • Repeated Precision ±5 secs, Index Precision ±10 secs
    It is to develop the rotary table for machine tools. The upgraded method is to change from existing worm gear type to roller gear cam type to secure high precision and high stiffness.
  • Ball Index Research Activity

  • Ball Index Research Activity

    Instead of existing cam follower bearings, balls are used. Therefore, it is possible to implement an upgraded spec. with strong torque. And the innovative product can bring about the effect of cost saving. Ball Index Patent Certificate
  • 1 Cam Parallel Index Research Activity

  • parallel index

    CF3 Index Drive is a parallel index model to which the conjugate cam type using two plane cams is applied. The innovative product can also become small and lightweight with the use of one plane cam. Parallel Index Patent Certificate
  • Line Feeder Research Activity

  • The product useful for fast feeding work tries to be designed in combination of cam and gear, in order to meet customers’ requirements to move and stop.
  • Motion Control Index Research Activity

  • Our company does research activity not only for general index products, but for the combination of motion control and index to help customers set up a proper number of divisions.
    In addition, by producing precision index products with the use of motion control, the company lives up to customers’ requirements.